My Trip to Guatemala, an easy “Mayan Adventure” from Belize.


Your “King & Queen” chairs await you in Belize.

Living here in the enchanting country of Belize isn’t only about sandy beaches, snorkeling, diving, boating,fishing, hammocks and fancy rum cocktails.


Our new home in Maya Beach, Belize, Central America.

My husband Gary and I have been totally focused on the building of our new beachfront home in Maya Beach, which you can read about by googling storiesbygary. Although we did take some time boating, fishing snorkeling, there’s one thing we didn’t do much of, visiting the ancient temples of the Mayan Civilization.


One of so many ancient temples in Tikal, Guatemala.

As we are now about 95% finished with our home build, we decided to take a few days and head to San Ignacio, Belize, with a side trip over the Guatemalan border. Our target destination…Tikal.


Gary is up there somewhere 🙂

We booked our stay at the San Ignacio Resort and are so happy we did, because the hotel is beautiful and service excellent. It sits high on the hill, with splendid views, a stunning pool, as well as a Iguana Sanctuary.


In the Iguana Sanctuary…San Ignacio Resort Hotel., Belize ,


Ok…so just one advertisement, this beautiful investment in your future here in Maya Beach, Belize. Your new waterfront home on the Placencia Lagoon, direct access to the Caribbean Sea, as well as multiple new rental townhouses and a pool. Click the link above, check them out, forward to your friends. Remember, I offer a 20% referral fee to anyone who refers a buyer, and that’s a chunk of change !

We hired a local guide and were picked up at our hotel early the next morning for a full day of historic adventure. The van ride was about an hour to the Guatemalan border, where we just walked across, and were met by the Guatemalan Guide for the day. Another hours drive and we entered the Tikal Mayan National Park.


My guide and I handling what else ? more stairs 😉

You can easily spend a full 2-3 days in this park but we managed to do the priority sites in one day. I will advise you, being in shape is of the utmost importance, and spending hours on a “stair master” is highly advised. The stairs up to the top of many of these stone giants equal 100 or more steps at an ugly steep level.

However, the rewards when you get to the top are just fantastic.


Imagine how tall the temple is that we climbed to take this photo ? Yep! Painfully high !

When you make this journey, it’s highly advisable to bring your water flask, however, there are multiple drink and snack stands in the park. Not only do they sell water and pop, but also ice cold Jaguar Beer.


Oh! there’s Gary on top of that temple! I had to “mega zoom” to get this!

Your guide will no doubt have a favorite shop to stop at on your way to Tikal, as well as on the way back to Belize like we did. On the way, a cup of Guatemalan coffee was in order, and on the way back, cold Jaguar beer of course. There was an alternative motive to the return stop, as I had fallen in love with a carving in the morning, but the price wasn’t right.


Wooden boat containing the Mayan Gods, now living in our home 🙂

On the journey home, the price got better.

Make sure when you visit Belize, for vacation or to look for your next or final destination, to visit the ancient Mayans, or at least the ghosts of their ancestors.

If you are planning a visit to spend some time with me looking at Real Estate, I can definitely suggest day trip destinations and travel companies for you.

Looking forward to all of our adventures, especially here in Belize,





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