Buying in Belize can not only be a home, but also a great investment opportunity.


Imagine this can be your morning view over coffee ?

As I have watched the many waves of visitors hit the blue waters, beaches, waterfalls, Mayan Ruins, beach bars and more, I hear the same statements over and over. “I wish we could afford to live here in Belize, it’s everything we want”. There’s more fact than fiction to that statement, as over the years the monies coming into Belize from the North, have boosted up home sale prices and costs of new construction. I see many vacationers who choose to buy a property or two, and build multiple 3000-5000 sf homes on them as an investment, to rent or sell.


Crowds of tourists all falling in love with Belize.

The problem with that as I see it is the majority of vacationers coming to Belize, who actually are interested in buying a house here, are in a $200,000-$300,000 range. We are seeing construction of homes by U.S. and Canadian “investors” who expect to sell there $400,000-$600,000 houses for over a million dollars. It’s the same as the contractors and “investors” that build the large new condo’s, which they advertise will start at $500,000-$1,000,000, or more.


Now what about that “non-“Mr. Moneybags” who has saved to maybe afford something in a lower range, but just wished he could invest his money and make a little too? It’s not as hard as you might think, as a few smart “Expats” have discovered here in Belize.


Build big or small, “native” or concrete.

Invest $25,000-250,000 in bare land, which on the Placencia Peninsula North could get you 2-3 building lots. Shop around for your best deal on a 600-800 sf Cabana, and plop five of them on the land. If you can’t afford that many, bring in 2 or 3, initially, and 2-3 more later when you can. Instantly you have a house to live in and a couple to rent out to tourists. Keep in mind that statistically here in Belize, you really don’t make money unless you have 3 or 6 units to rent.


Install a one bedroom Cabana like this for U.S. 25K or so.


You can choose to get a Cabana built by the Mennonites in Spanish Lookout and delivered for around $25K each, or get a local builder to do the same for a bit more. If you provide quality Cabana’s in a nice location, you can find yourself making the monies back that you invested, and then some.

The sweet part about this is living here in Belize, and getting others pay you to do it.


This is the property described below, new canal with direct access to Lagoon and the Caribbean Sea’s.

Another option is to get a couple friends to go in on an existing business with a good ROI. They are around for sure. I will attach a link to one of my listings that is located in Maya Beach, directly on the Placencia Lagoon, with a canal in front of its 10 Townhouses. There is also the main 2 bedroom. 2 bath house. What if you had a couple friends or relatives who would go in with you on this adventure? All units are new, you have three water sources, power and massive backup generator, and the Placencia Lagoon to fish in. The townhouses have long term renters in them, and if one moves out, these are in high demand.


Invest in your future, and these will be your “throne seats”.

The ROI is “UnBelizable” 🙂

Just think about where you are, and where you would like to be. There’s always a way to get there, if you plan right, take solid but careful steps. Remember Indiana Jones in the Temple of Doom? One wrong step and “off with your head”!

I just wanted to put some ideas out there for my readers that just might turn on a light. After all, what do you have to loose, besides Paradise?

Come down to beautiful Central America, and let me show you what Paradise is.

Give me a shout today at, or 011-501-610-5608




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