Marsha Sells Belize, my 1st Blog post ;)

My very first blog post, so please be gentle with me 🙂


This is my view every morning at sunrise here in Maya Beach,Belize, Central America.


Chapter one of my story begins about eight years ago when my Pirate husband Gary and I decided to visit Central American countries, searching for our “final destination”. We considered Costa Rica and Panama, but decided to first check out Belize, and booked a trip here. Our first encounter was in fact a four day planned visit to the then “Sanctuary Belize”, now called “The Reserve”. We liked what we saw there and did invest some funds in a lot, which a couple years later both agreed that this development wasn’t for us.


Taking time during and building or purchasing adventure begs for libations 😉

This put us on what I believe was the best track ever to our successful endeavor to discover our ideal final destination, Maya Beach. We spent much time looking at greater Placencia, but kept ending up north about twenty minutes in Maya Beach.

Three years ago, we decided that Gary should travel down from Oregon alone for a week,   doing an intense physical search of available lots. Our plan was for him to visit the buildable lots on the sea and lagoon side of the Placencia Peninsula, and purchase one for us. The week was totally intense for both of us, with myself back in Oregon working my sales job, but constantly thinking of Gary and his “project”. Every day he would send me pictures and video’s of the lots he was looking at, eliminating one or more daily.


Low and behold Gary sends me this pic and says “I found our dream”.

The day before he was to leave, a miracle happened, he discovered a new sign on a sea beach lot and quickly contacted the Realtor he was working with at Remax 1st Choice in Placencia. Within 24 hours he had a signed agreement and we had out lot in Maya Beach.

Fast forward three years, and today we are living in paradise, residing in our dream home on the Caribbean. Gary had moved down two years ago and lived in a new cabana we had purchased and had moved onto the lot. The plan was for him to live in the cabana full time where he could keep a watch over the building of our house.


Pretty much a finished project, our new house..want one? contact me 🙂

I can tell you this is the best plan you can have if building in Belize, probably anywhere in Central America for that matter.

I had already decided that still being so young and energetic, I needed to do something with my time in our new destination, Real Estate appeared a good match. After all, my U.S. career as a Capital Equipment Sales professional for over 30 years in fact made me a great choice. There is also the osmosis factor of sleeping next to Gary, who was for many years a Real Estate Broker in Oregon.


Here I am standing at the edge of what will be our deck, and barbecue center.

Investigating the different realty offices in Placencia, it became quite clear that Remax was the best choice for me, on so many levels. Performing all the tasks, payments and promises, I was granted a “work permit” to be a Real Estate Agent with 1st Choice Remax in Placencia.

As Myself and hubby have spent years investigating Belize, and specifically the Placencia Peninsula, building and moving here full time, I believe my knowledge base is exceptional. As a Realtor I have already helped many other expats and expat “wanna b’s” search and find their dream homes and properties.


Here is the cabana Gary lived in, his “red beast” and our home in progress.

I look forward to assisting you, my loyal readers on your adventure to happiness, and sharing my sunrises with you.

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“No worries, and blessings of the Caribbean”,






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